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Did you know that St David’s has a new youth forum?

This year, pupils from classes 4 and 5 participated in a special project run by our community forum (FAWNS) to establish a youth forum for our school.  The chosen pupils attended 3 workshops, completing projects based around community values and surveyed all pupils at St David’s to ask them what types of things they would like more of in Aspull, New Springs and Whelley.

15 pupils were chosen in all and did an excellent job of working together in the 3 workshops at the Bolton Centre for Science and Technology and feeding back everyone’s ideas to Mr West from FAWNS who ran the project.  A special thank you to Mr West for all your hard work, we loved it!

Members of the Youth Forum are attended a special presentation evening on Monday 19th June to showcase the work completed for friends and family.  There was a good turn out, with excellent behaviour, well done everyone.

See our photos below of one of the group art-works they produced and our feedback session with Mr West to pass on all your ideas for our community…

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