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Congratulations to pupils (below) from Classes 2-5 who earned a excellent behaviour award for Spring 1 Term.  Well done!  Everyone has another chance this half term to earn the award for Spring 2 Term.  Good luck everyone, be on your best behaviour and remember to follow the St David’s David’s Way to be moved up your class positive behaviour chart each week.

Class 5: Lucie R, Joshua R, Joseph S, Alex S, Phoebe S, Mia H, Daniel J

Class 4: Eleanor A, Louie B, Ellie G-M, Grace O, Lucy W.

Class 3: Mollie A, Skye F, Oliver J, Jack N, Sophie T, Mia W, Chanel Y

Class 2: Finlay M, Lucy M, Aaron M, Nyla P, Eve T, Joe O

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