Red Nose Day Merchandise now on sale14-03-2017 | 16:42:52 | No Comments

Update: Friday 17th March- With all of your generous donations, the school council  managed to raise a total of £240.44

Well done everyone!  Congratulations to the winner of Big Norse Nose raffle, shown below. 

Update: Thursday 16th March- We are nearly sold out! Last chance to get your nose tomorrow!

The School Council are coming round all this week with our Red Nose Day Merchandise.  We are selling red noses for £1.00 each, raffle tickets for our big ‘Norse Nose’ soft toy for 50p and Red Nose Day stickers for 25p.  Be sure to get your purchase in early, limited stocks available!

We will also be collecting on the gate to raise funds for comic relief all this week.


First Incredible Edible Session14-03-2017 | 13:49:52 | No Comments

Hi everyone,

The Eco-Committee had their first Incredible Edible Session today, which is a new scheme being run by the council to help schools grow fruit and vegetables for their community.  We will be growing our vegetables from seed. 

Tracey from Wigan and Leigh Homes came in to work with us and kindly brought us compost and seeds along with all the equipment we needed.  Thank you Tracey.

As you can see from the photos below, we were very busy.   We had to sieve our compost first to get the lumps out, then put it into seeds trays with our seeds.  We planted cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, watercress, sprouts, broad beans, tomato, coriander, basil and parsley seeds along with  seed potatoes in a special potato growing bag. 

We will be nurturing our seeds to grow into plants over the next few weeks by giving them warm water and putting them in a sunny position, indoors.



Eco-Committee off to a great start09-03-2017 | 11:22:56 | No Comments

Our Eco-committee is off to a great start.  We have had our first meeting and are planning a lot of great projects which we will be telling you about in class.  We have to come up with an Eco-Code for our school and an action plan to help make our school more eco-friendly. 

We have a list of daily jobs to do in class to help us all be more eco-friendly and we will be doing a litter pick around school each week.

We are also starting our ‘Incredible Edible’ project this week, a council project which helps schools grow fruit and Veg for their communities- more info coming soon…

St David’s are adopting an animal!07-03-2017 | 17:21:31 | No Comments


Update: The results are in.  We will be adopting a….penguin!  We tell you all about our adopted penguin as soon as we receive some information about him/her from the WWF.  Thank you to everyone that voted in our survey.  It was a very close result between a penguin, a panda and a dolphin.

Hi everyone,

This year the school council have opted to spend some of their budget on adopting an animal for our school from the WWF.   We will receive 3 updates about our chosen animal throughout the year which your school council members will tell you about in class.

But first we have to vote which animal we would like to adopt.  Your school council members will be coming around to ask you to vote for your preferred animal soon. The choices are:

Be sure to get your vote in.  We will tell you the results as soon as they are in!



School Council Red Nose Day Appeal 201707-03-2017 | 11:44:52 | No Comments



Hi everyone,

The school council will be selling red noses (this year’s noses are shown in the above photo)  in school from Monday 13th MarchFriday 17th March for £1 each on a first come first served basis a week before the official Red Nose Day.  We will also be selling raffle tickets for 50p each for a chance to win this fabulous Big Nose soft toy!


Good Behaviour Awards07-03-2017 | 11:28:10 | No Comments


Congratulations to pupils (below) from Classes 2-5 who earned a excellent behaviour award for Spring 1 Term.  Well done!  Everyone has another chance this half term to earn the award for Spring 2 Term.  Good luck everyone, be on your best behaviour and remember to follow the St David’s David’s Way to be moved up your class positive behaviour chart each week.

Class 5: Lucie R, Joshua R, Joseph S, Alex S, Phoebe S, Mia H, Daniel J

Class 4: Eleanor A, Louie B, Ellie G-M, Grace O, Lucy W.

Class 3: Mollie A, Skye F, Oliver J, Jack N, Sophie T, Mia W, Chanel Y

Class 2: Finlay M, Lucy M, Aaron M, Nyla P, Eve T, Joe O

Royal Mail Design a Stamp Competition07-03-2017 | 10:24:29 | No Comments

Hi everyone,

Don’t forget to give your school council members any completed entry forms to the Royal Mail Design a Christmas Stamp Competition by next Monday 13th March as we need to send them to Royal Mail by Friday 17th March.

You will need to use lots of colour in your designs and not leave white around the edges.  Ideally there should be no words or writing within the design. Remember, winning entries will be used in miniature stamp size, so any words in the design will be difficult to read.  Also, don’t forget to check the rules and guidelines for the competition which were sent out with entry forms.  Any pupils entering the competition will be presented with a certificate for taking part.

If you need more entry forms or rules for entering you can ask your school council member.  Full details can be found on Competition Website


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