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Hi everyone,

the results you’ve all been waiting for are in!  Well done to all our fabulous candidates, it was a very close run competition, with the votes being very close in all year groups but this year’s new official school council members are:

School Council Members 2016-17

Congratulations to you all!  We will be having our first official meeting on Tuesday and you will be presented with your badges on Wednesday by Reverend Simon. 

Our first task will be to hold our annual best liners up class competition.  I look forward to working with you all this year on some fabulous projects. 🙂

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Hi everyone,  last week was school council election week and we had a great time casting our votes.

This year, to learn about the British Value of democracy we had an official polling day for our election.  At least 2 girl candidates and 2 boy candidates from each year group  (some brave candidates making presentations to their class to try to win votes) were put forward to the vote on Friday when pupils visited our official polling booth and cast their votes in a real ballot box.  We all had to follow the rules of a real polling station, not talking once we entered other than to give our names and even had our own presiding officer and poll clerk. 

See the photos below.  Well done to everyone, you were all very sensible during polling. As you can see, everyone thought very carefully about who they were going to vote for and followed the official polling station rules for voting very well. 

The results will be revealed on Monday with our first school council meeting taking place on Tuesday.

School Council Election week poster

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Welcome back everyone.  I hope you all had a lovely Summer break and are ready for a brilliant new school year.  We have got off to a brilliant start, behaviour and attitude wise.  It was lovely to see you all arriving promptly this morning in your smart new uniforms.  Keep it up everyone 🙂

Golden time

Don’t forget, this year we will be bringing in Golden Time for half an hour on Friday afternoons as a reward for children who have followed our St David’s Way throughout the week.  Try your best everyone, to make sure you receive your full half hour.


Excellent Behaviour Awards- Summer 2 Term05-09-2016 | 14:26:39 | No Comments





Well done to all the pupils listed below for their excellent behaviour throughout the Summer Term, you should all have received a letter from Mrs Boulton and your class teacher along with a Golden Ticket. 

Class 2 –  Toby Calderbank-Mannix, Sophie Taylor, Oliver Jones, Chanelle Yates, Mollie Aspinall, Mia Williams

Class 3 – Eleanor Anglesea, Louie Banks, Connor Fildes, James Williams, Olivia McElchare, Jan Maslaki, Grace Ollerton

Class 4 – Phoeobe Sellers, Daniel Jones, Joseph Seddon, Lydia Roberts, Mia Hurst, Kelsey Glynn

Class 5 – Callum Koppel,Shannon McKeown, Edward Moreton, Max Stott

Try your best in September everyone, following our St David’s Way, to earn an award in Autumn 1 TermAlso, don’t forget we will be bringing in Golden time this term for half an hour on Friday afternoons as a reward for children who have followed our St David’s Way all week. 

Golden time

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