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THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

May we say big THANK-YOU to all the members of support staff and parents and carers that volunteered to make our recent working party a great success.  We had 16 members in total thanks the efforts of support staff and a School Council appeal to parents asking for volunteers to help spruce up the outside areas of school in time for our 170th week.  They all worked so hard and did a fabulous job of general tidying up around school, painting fences and benches, gardening round our Woody tree, office area and kitchen garden. 

Those participating were:

Miss Johnson, Mrs Gregory, Miss Wilkinson, Mrs Williams,  Mrs Smith, Miss Cunliffe, Mrs McKeown, Mrs Gillespie, Mrs Butler, Mrs Harrison, Adam Williams, Josh Gorman, Miss Bithell , Mrs Moreton, Mr and Mrs Bates.

Have a look at our photos below- didn’t they do well.

IMG_0516 IMG_0510
IMG_0507 IMG_0506




IMG_0508 IMG_0515












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