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Hi Everyone,

The garden group are still hard at work after school every Tuesday, brightening up our School by generally tidying up the flower beds and planting spring flowering plants.   Our ornamental poppies and lupins planted by last year’s group are coming on well and we have planted some sweet pea and Geraniums in the wooden trough at the entrance to the quiet area.  As you can see in the photos below, the Muscari and polyanthus planted by the autumn group are also flowering well.

We have also put some attractive signs in the flowerbeds to remind children to stick to the playground and look after our plants and flowers.  See photos below.

We have two fabulous new members, Blake D and Jessica M, well done to you both for a great first session. And welcome back to our helper Anthony D and thank you very much for all your help. 

May we also say a big thank you to Mrs Harrison and the children from TCC who have also been planting some lovely plants in the quiet area for us all.

Keep it up everyone, you’re doing a fantastic job.


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