Garden Group – Autumn Term29-11-2015 | 14:50:00 | No Comments

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Many thanks to our Autumn Term garden group which were:

Charlie Scrase, Claire Barrett, Billie- Jo Evans, Lydia Roberts, Nikita Fairhurst and Bailey Littler.  They have done a fantastic job of keeping our flower beds looking tidy, clearing some of the mammoth amounts of leaves around the playground and replanting our pots around the main entrance to school.  See the photos below of some of the group with their newly replanted pots.

We have also planted lots of crocus, daffodil, muscari and anemone bulbs around our woody tree and in the flower beds around the edge of the playground as well as in the quiet area to give us some early spring colour.

Well done everyone. 

IMG_0222 IMG_0221

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