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Road safety 2015

This week is Road Safety Week and the theme Drive less, Live more is all about getting out of the car and taking alternative, healthier forms of transport such as walking and cycling as shown in the poster below.  Download the  Mini factsheet  or view the free interactive resource centring on this years theme.

Theme 2015 

We will be focusing on road safety throughout the week in school and every child will be receiving a free key-ring reflector to attach to their school bag or coat from the School Council.  Remember to be bright be seen at this time of year everyone.

You will remember that during Road Safety Week 2014 we sent out the ‘Tales of the Road ’ highway code for young road users. Please take the time to have another look at this excellent guide sometime during this week. A copy of the guide can be downloaded via the link below.

For further information regarding all aspects of road safety, including fun, interactive, educational games, see the following websites:

road safety poster


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