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Red nose biscuits

Hi everyone,

The School Council have been very busy this week preparing Red Nose Day biscuits and cakes to sell in our sweet treat sale to raise money for comic relief. It was a great success and we raised an amazing £86 to add to our Red Nose Day total! See our photos below.





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We will be selling the fabulous Red Nose Day noses in school next week- there are 9 to collect.  If you are lucky enough to buy one of the only 12 GOLDEN NOSES in the whole country let Miss Flynn know immediately as our school will win a special experience from the makers of Wallace and Gromit!

We will also be bringing each class fun activities to do on Red Nose Day.  Don’t forget to buy your nose from us during the week and wear it to school on Friday 13th March.  Let’s hope we can raise even more money to add to our running total of over £100 as the government has promised to DOUBLE any amount we raise for Comic Relief and all the good causes it supports.

Photos coming soon of Red Nose Day fun!

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