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This week, some members from Red Watch at Hindley Fire station came into visit us to talk to us about the importance of keeping safe for winter.

They talked to us about the importance of keeping clear of ice,  of any sort and as a lot of us have pet dogs to make sure we  keep them on a lead at this time of year to avoid them running on to frozen ponds or lakes.

They also talked to us about the importance of wrapping up warm at this time of year and reminded us to wear high-vis gear after dark.

The firemen also asked us to remind our parents to make sure that we have working smoke alarms at home and to make sure they are tested regularly.  They also explained that in the event of a fire at home at night time we must make our way straight to our parents/carers bedroom, if we are able to.

Children check out the following fun guides for children for tips on how to keep keep safe during winter and in the event of a fire at home:  Winter safety guide for children  Fire Safety Guide for Children


Please remember everyone at this time of year to wear warm clothing and appropriate footwear and in the event of snow and ice please keep to the cleared and gritted paths (always kindly cleared for us by Mrs Smyth) on the way into school and across the playground at all times.

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