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Hi everyone,

We here at St David’s are proud to promote anti-bullying throughout the year and  since this coming week 24th – 28th November is anti-bullying week at school we will be concentrating on anti-bullying in a number of high-profile ways, including assemblies by school staff and visitors, displaying posters and classroom based activities such as SEAL and ‘R time’ activities.

Charlotte, Elise, Shannon and Sophie from Year 5 will be selling their excellent ‘Beat the Bullies’ comic to pupils throughout the week – a bargain at 25p a copy! They will also be showing a film version of their comic in assembly.  To download a copy click the following link: Beat the bullies comic

comp time 3

Also,  3 lucky ‘Design an anti-bullying t-shirt’ competition winners will be wearing their winning designs to school on a t-shirt.  There is one winner from KS1, one from KS2 and a special prize for the entry that most effectively portrayed this year’s anti-bullying week theme of ‘Let’s stop bullying for all’ – including children with special needs and disabilities.  The entries were judged by the school council, who did an excellent job, as always. 


The winners are as follows:

Key Stage 2 – 1st Place – Damian E,


 2nd Place – Katie G, 3rd Place Emily S

Key Stage 1 – 1st Place – Eleanor A,


2nd Place- Louis Banks, 3rd Place – Dante Hook

A special award went to Charlie S for the best design showing this year’s anti-bullying theme of ‘Let’s stop bullying for all’ – (including children and young people with disabilities and special needs)


Great work everyone.  Well done!  And don’t forget…St David’s is a ‘telling’ school.  Always tell an adult straight away if you are feeling bullied.  If you’d prefer not to talk to someone face to face, use the bully report box in the school library.

If you are interested in finding out more information about National Anti-bullying Week, you can visit the following websites:

anti-b 2

no bully

Road Safety Week15-11-2014 | 17:33:39 | No Comments

Lolly pop ladyRoad safety week

Hi everyone,

This coming week 17th – 23rd November is national road safety week.  We will be concentrating on road safety in school during a number of assemblies, including one from our local PCO along with various other activities.

Remember children to always use the GREEN,CROSS,CODE


Each child should now have received a copy of the excellent ‘Tales of the Road’  road safety guide for young road users.  Please take the time to read through this guide with your child which has a lot of great advice regarding all aspects of road safety.  A copy can also be downloaded here: Tales of the road

The following websites also have a lot of useful advice regarding road safety, including videos and fun, interactive games.

You will all by now no doubt have noticed our fantastic new ‘Don’t Park Here’ banner designed by Nathan B from Class 3 – well done Nathan, it looks fantastic! Photos coming soon.

Parents please remember to drive carefully and park wisely around our school- please do not park at the bottom of the cobbles, even when dropping off.  Children please use the safe crossing between the Church and school and stay on the left side of the cobbles when entering and leaving school.  Also, now the nights are drawing in at this time of year, don’t forget to wear high vis gear when out and about after dark.

Take care and stay safe everyone,

Miss Flynn 🙂


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