Pop Project Visit21-06-2017 | 16:04:07 | No Comments

This year the School Council chose to spend their budget on adopting an animal from the WWF and also on organising a special treat for everyone.

On Thursday 18th May we had a visit from the brilliant Pop Project.  We had an excellent, fun time learning all about our British Values, many thanks to Malcolm, Graham and Henry.  See photos of the Day below.


The Brick Tin Sculpture Challenge19-06-2017 | 13:07:05 | No Comments

Thanks to everyone that has donated to our School Council appeal on behalf of The Brick Homeless Shelter in Wigan.

Your tins have used to enter The Brick’s Tin Sculpture Challenge, with an excellent entry from Class 4, (The Hunger Rescue Bot).  Well done everyone! 

See the photos below of our entry ‘The Hunger Rescue Bot’.

You can vote for our entry to win at  from 9.00am on 30th June until the 7th July!

Final School Council meeting19-06-2017 | 10:38:02 | No Comments

We had an excellent final School Council meeting last Thursday (see photos) and representatives have got lots of messages to pass on to you, including our latest totals raised for charities, a new competition and how to vote for our entry into The Brick’s Tin Sculpture Challenge.

Our Council have done a fabulous job this year, raising money for lots of charities, surveying classes on a number of issues, bringing you lots of exciting competitions and using their funds to adopt an animal from the WWF and bring The Pop Project into school as a special treat for you all (see the poster below for the full list of projects this year).   Don’t forget to thank them and tell them what a brilliant job they’ve done for our school. 

All members will still be serving on the council up until the last day of summer term, so if you have any further suggestions for projects or concerns, don’t forget to pass them on.


Busy ‘Manchester Bee’ Parades19-06-2017 | 10:35:18 | No Comments




On Wednesday 7th June our School Council proved themselves, once again, to be fabulous fundraisers and did an excellent job of  leading their classes in our busy ‘Manchester Bee’ parade to help raise funds for the Love Manchester Emergency Fund. 

We managed to raise £80.71 in total from our collections on the gate and in classes.

Well done everyone, you did St David’s and Manchester proud!

St David’s Youth Forum19-06-2017 | 10:31:46 | No Comments

Did you know that St David’s has a new youth forum?

This year, pupils from classes 4 and 5 participated in a special project run by our community forum (FAWNS) to establish a youth forum for our school.  The chosen pupils attended 3 workshops, completing projects based around community values and surveyed all pupils at St David’s to ask them what types of things they would like more of in Aspull, New Springs and Whelley.

15 pupils were chosen in all and did an excellent job of working together in the 3 workshops at the Bolton Centre for Science and Technology and feeding back everyone’s ideas to Mr West from FAWNS who ran the project.  A special thank you to Mr West for all your hard work, we loved it!

Members of the Youth Forum are attended a special presentation evening on Monday 19th June to showcase the work completed for friends and family.  There was a good turn out, with excellent behaviour, well done everyone.

See our photos below of one of the group art-works they produced and our feedback session with Mr West to pass on all your ideas for our community…

Congratulations to our Summer 1 Term good behaviour award winners18-06-2017 | 20:42:34 | No Comments

Class 5 behaviour award winners: Lucie R, Joshua R, Joseph S, Phoebe S, Mia H, Sam L, Daniel J.

C4 behaviour award winners: Billie-Jo E, Leah F, Eleanor A, Grace O, Lydia R, Lewis B!

Class 3 behaviour award winners: Mollie A, Skye F, Oliver J, Channelle A, Sophie T, Mia W & Chanel Y

Class 2 behaviour award winners: Amelia B, George G, William K, Nyla P, Archie P & Lexie G

Well done everyone, keep it up and remember, you all have another chance to be an excellent behaviour award winner in this Summer 2 term.

Fabulous ‘Incredible Edible’ final session18-06-2017 | 20:24:02 | No Comments

On Friday 9th June we transferred all our crops, we have been growing from seed, down to our community ‘Incredible Edible’ plot on Haigh Road opposite the Doctor’s surgery (see photos below.) We had a fabulous time working with Tracey from Wigan in Bloom, who provided everything we needed, along with expert advice and guidance- thanks so much Tracey!

This has been a fabulous project to be involved in and we were very lucky to be chosen, along with other schools in Aspull.

Members of our local community will be able to help themselves to some of our produce, once it is ready to be harvested- look out for notices, soon to be erected, with details of when particular crops are ready to be harvested, we hope you enjoy them!






Eco-Committee- ‘Incredible Edible’21-04-2017 | 16:42:34 | No Comments

Our ‘Incredible Edible’ sessions, where which will lead to us providing fruit and vegetables for the community at a specially prepared local plot are going really well.  Our fruit and vegetable plants are doing well, as we have been taking care of them carefully, keeping them warm inside, near a sunny window and watering them every day. 

They are doing so well that we were able to begin potting them in our session today with Tracey from Wigan in Bloom.  Check out our pictures below.  More info coming soon…



Eco-committee keeping our school litter free17-04-2017 | 20:02:28 | No Comments

Have you noticed our school grounds looking more neat and tidy lately?  That could be due to the excellent work the eco-committee members have been doing during their weekly litter picks around the outside areas- if you see them don’t forget to tell them what a fantastic job their doing!  See photos below. 


We will be having our second meeting soon and will be bringing you news of our new eco-code.  Our Incredible Edible crops are also doing really well- See the photo below of one of our members loving the seed planting sessions!

If you have any great ideas for eco-projects around our school, don’t forget to let your eco-team committee members know.  One of our Class 5 committee members Phoebe S has had the fantastic idea of having class eco suggestion boxes! More info coming soon…

Spring Term 2 good Behaviour award winners17-04-2017 | 19:31:19 | No Comments

Congratulations to our Spring Term 2 Good Behaviour award winners, you’re all superstars! 

Remember, everyone has another chance to win the award this coming Summer Term 1 by being on their best behaviour  and following the St David’s Way all half term. 


Class 5: Joshua R, Nikita F, Alex S, Phoebe S and Lucie R. Well done!

Class 4: Eleanor A, Louis B, Blake D, Ellie G-M, Grace O, James W, Kelsey G, Lucy W, Billie-Jo E & Billy R!

Class 3: Mollie A, Oliver J, Sophie T, Mia W & Chanel Y!

Class 2: George G, William K, Aaron M, Nyla P, Emily P, Bruce S & Eve T!


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